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Beauty of Nantes

I was leisurely shopping at my big supermarket, mainly to get coke, milk, pasta, canned goods, toilet paper and the like. That particular supermarket has a cheese counter, which is something that gets sadly less and less common in France, as it is easier for supermarkets to sell everything prepacked. So I was there looking at their cheeses, even though I didn’t really need anything, as I had some Tomme, Roquefort, and fresh goat cheese already in my fridge. But I can’t help it! Those little cheeses with their weeping eyes, are begging to be taken away, and I can’t be cruel and leave all of them abandoned, my heart is too weak.

And then I saw her, “La belle de Nantes” (The beauty of Nantes), she looked appealing, local, raw, organic, and yet strangely exotic and unknown to me. I knew this fresh-looking dame would have to be mine. So I grabbed some. And I waited patiently till I got home, then I trembled with excitement as I took my knife, cut a slice and put it in my mouth. Would I be deceived like so many times before or could it be true?

But no, she holds her promises, creamy and melting and yet with strong mature flavors, I was taken and in love.

And because I am not jealous and like to share, here is the website of the producers’ farm, with some nice videos of their cows (in french I am afraid): www.paysansfromagers.fr

I believe they sell their cheese on the farm, so if ever I go there I’ll be sure to let you know.

PS: Note to my wife. This meant nothing!! you are still the big cheese of my heart.