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At the Nantes history museum (in the castle) I learned that the sauce called beurre blanc is a specialty from Nantes, created in the Nantes region (Hooray for Nantes).

The inventor was a woman, Clémence Lefeuvre, who had a restaurant near Nantes on the Loire river.

It’s said that around 1890 one of her commis (assistants) forgot to put eggs in a hollandaise or a bearnaise sauce.  Clémence thought the result wasn’t bad at all, and so the commis, instead of getting a bollocking, helped create one of the local specialties: Pike and sauce Beurre Blanc.

Now this is not the first time I hear about recipes being created by mistake, it seems to actually be a common theme in the world of cooking.

So next time you make mistakes while cooking, just remember that you are indeed one step closer to disaster, but maybe if you are lucky you could be one step closer to culinary heaven.