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Last November I finally ended one of the most soul-destroying jobs I ever had in my life. I had sold my soul to the devil and went to work  in an office as a customer representative for a furniture company. I hadn’t realized before that people were this serious about furniture, and I never got shouted at so much in my entire life. People do get upset (I mean seriously upset) when their furniture does not meet their expectations, and some people’s reaction to that is to bark. And when you work in customer service you are the one who gets barked at. Lovely…

After that I was happy to get some holiday, and went with me wife to St Malo, the pirate town of Brittany. Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh.

St Malo is a great town with loads of bars and restaurants (you got to feed all those wannabe pirates), lovely ramparts right on the seaside, and great walks to be done in the surrounding area.

I should also mention that it has a very good cheese restaurant, in the inner town, which serves an impressive amount of various Fondues and Raclettes. Oh and me wife and I had the best pizza ever eaten in France by me or my wife in a small restaurant which I could unfortunately not name…(My mind was too absorbed by the pizza to write down the name of the place…)

But first and foremost the town is famous for its Corsairs and sea explorers. Corsairs were pirates that had been authorized by the French king to loot and destroy ships and towns of nations against which France was at war. They were the sea mercenaries of the 18th century.

One of the most famous Corsairs of St Malo was Surcouf, who fought mostly against the British. On the ramparts of St Malo you can admire a statue of him. He is famous for having captured, more than once, ships that were better armed and bigger than his own ship. But to me he is mostly famous for one of his sayings. During a dinner held at a time France and England were at peace, an English navy captain told him, “You have to admit that you French were fighting for gold and money, whereas we were fighting for glory and honor,” to which Surcouf replied, “We all fight for what we lack of”. That’s one witty pirate.