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Gay marriage is finally legal in this country, much to the (very loud shouts and) despair of a certain (choose the words you find most appropriate) religious/ rightwing/ far right/ conservative /ignorant/ homophobic/ hateful population of France.

Ah France, you like nothing better than to portray yourself as the country of Love, yet it seems that some people here disapprove of certain Love. Weirdos.

Anyhow that is a good opportunity to introduce a nice gay friendly bar of Nantes, which also happens to be one of our locals.

The place is called “Fees Maisons” at 3 rue Pré Nian not far from the “Tour de Bretagne” — plays good music, serves good salads, saucisson, and Tartines (hot sandwiches), good beer, and nice waiter.

They also serve a beer called Charlottes beer, which is probably the only beer brewed in Nantes. And it is a really lovely Amber type beer, that you can also buy at the market “de la petite Hollande” directly from Charlotte on saturdays.

A very chilled out place to have a drink or two.