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Once there was a kid who loved chocolate, he loved it soooo much. He loved it all the way to the moon and probably even back.

Once there was a mum who loved her son soooo much, and who did the best chocolate mousse in the world.

A love like that can only lead to chocolate on your face on your hands and on your clothes.

And that is exactly what happened and while the chocolate was in his mouth the boy couldn’t help saying ” ITSCH DELICHIOUCH”

Never has a truer word been said, a proper chocolate mousse is DELICHIOUCH.

and here is the basic recipe for it:

Ingredients for 6 people
200gr dark chocolate
6 eggs
pinch of salt

melt the chocolate
leave it until lukewarm
Separate the yolk and white of the eggs.
put a pinch of salt with the white and mix energetically 
until firm and you could turn the bowl over and it sticks.
No cheating and using a robot mixer.
gently, oh so gently pour 1/3 of the whites and mix with a big spatula.
Pour the rest gradually and mix gently so thatthe whites stays fluffy.

Let it set for three hours in the fridge.
eat cold and with a smile