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This past week-end was great!!!! I went back to London, met some old friends, saw some familiar places, relaxed, and ate an awesome Raclette (Raclette is basically a DIY melted cheese, potato and ham mix).

This Raclette weirdly enough didn’t have any Raclette cheese, but had loads of yummy melting cheeses, such as : Morbier, Reblochon, Taleggio, Emmentaler, smoked Cheddar…

The only slight hiccup in that otherwise perfect mix, which had loads of great flavours, was the Cheddar. Once melted, English Cheddar is just too oily, and it doesn’t have a nice consistency, had to be tried though. apart from that I loved it. I feel ashamed though that I had to go to the UK to have my first raclette of the season.

As I went to the UK it is probably a good idea to tell you about some of my favourite English artisanal cheeses:

  • Harbourne Blue: A blue goat’s cheese, with all the best of a spicy blue, and the freshness and lemony side of a goat’s cheese. This one is from Devon and it is amazing, my favourite british cheese ever!!!
  • Innes log: Classic ash covered goat, lovely, all you expected from goats.
  • Stinking Bishop: One can’t help and love that name. It’s washed in pear cider, it’s gooey, meaty, stinky, how could you say no to that???
  • Hawes Wensleydale: A Wallace and Gromit favourite, brought to the UK by French monks in the 11th century (Thank you William the Conqueror). It’s a Hard cow’s milk cheese, tastes light and fresh, slightly acidic and sweet. It’s great with apples or pears. And don’t forget the crackers Gromit.
  • Stilton: A classic cows milk blue. There is a massive variety in quality of this cheese sold out there. And the best are sooo good. Traditionally it is drunk with Port. I heard (don’t know if it is true) that they used to pour Port over the cheese before eating it to kill any worms which might have called Stilton their new home.

And so many more.

You can buy those cheeses in loads of places in England. I have a small weak spot in London for Neal’s Yard, even though they are very expensive, and very serious about their cheeses, it’s the first place in London, that made me go Wwwwoooooaaawwww CHEEEEESE, the cheese counter is amazing in both their shops!!!!!

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