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Holy smelly cheese. What a new interesting cheese experience.

It looks like a volcano ready to burst. Tastes like one too. Couldn’t at first figure out whether I was happy eating it, or whether I should spit it out. Hours later, I still had that strong smell in my mouth. As I am slightly cheese mad, I liked it. The flavour’s strong, spicy, with some tarragon smell. The texture is sticky and melts nicely.

It is a cheese made on the French/Belgium border. First they use crushed Maroilles cheese (which is already not a mild cheese), then they add tarragon and parsley, shape it like a mountain, mature it for three months, while washing it with beer and paprika.

For the small story, it certainly dates back to the 15th century with first written evidence from 1760 and is also being refered to as the “Suppositoire du diable” (The devil’s suppository), I can’t but help love a cheese with such a nickname.

watch out, this is explosive