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France just lost its triple AAA rating, everybody is panicking, and the world is coming to an end. Now it would be nice to remember that France is a country of cheese, and cheese can do everything.

In the 13th century in Normandy there was a cheese called Angelot, which is the grandfather of today’s Pont l’Eveque. Angelot was also the term designating a certain coin, and it was named this way because this cheese could be used to pay taxes, or simply as normal money.

So the solution to our triple AAA crisis is simple, use cheese as collateral for all the French debt. Thanks to this magic cheesy wand, there would be no more crisis, everybody would be happy and we could all eat stinky cheese, and have stinky wallets.

Ouhray for cheese the saviour of the (french) universe!!!

For more info in French about the history of Pont l’Eveque:


Money money money