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Nantes has its hip place and it is, as far as I can see, the LU, which currently stands for Lieu Unique (Unique Place).  It used to be the biscuit factory LU (Lefevre Utile).

It’s basically a revamped factory that holds a restaurant, a bar, a hammam (more a beauty salon than a hammam really), art exhibitions, book shop, etc… you get the idea. Some of the old factory design is still very present which gives the place a kind of rough feeling. Generally it has been redone quite tastefully…

The art exhibition I saw was about street art (graffiti). Some stuff was not rocking my boat but some stuff I liked :

I liked the bar/cafe mainly because it played some weird and interesting music, was very chilled, and served a nice hot chocolate. The whole place is very child friendly during the day. My boy was running all over the place in the gallery with such a big smile (waaaoooow really I am allowed to run around like a maniac???!!!)

I am a big art gallery in a factory, I'm so cool, don't you love me?

Otherwise the place also has a tower which you can go on and have a relatively interesting view of Nantes, and feel sea sick [especially if you are my wife] as it is a moving platform (it turns round and round).

Well that’s all for the hip of the place.

The address is:


2 Rue de la Biscuiterie  44000 Nantes

Not far from the castle tram stop.