I love this restaurant in the middle of Bouffay not far from the castle. It’s got some great design. Blue mosaics at the front, weird decoration inside, including a pipe-smoking stuffed reindeer on the wall which freaked my wife out, and other weird stuff which give it a nice homey atmosphere. The food is so French it could nearly be a caricature. It includes snails

Slimy and yummy

, frog legs, foie gras, steak frites and pepper sauce. The steak was great, tender and bloody the way I like it, I also had some Cure Nantais (the local cheese)  in a spinach crumble, which was a great mix. They also have a great cheese and wine selection.

It is a bit pricey by local standards (expect to spend 20-30 euro per head including drinks), but hey you only live once.

Basically love the place and recommend it to anyone wanting a bit of a french food experience.

Le Select
14 Rue du Château , 44000 Nantes