A Jéroboam is a massive bottle of wine as it contains three litres of the beverage. It is also a very nice wine bar in Nantes.

They have an incredible selection of French wines (and a couple of foreign wines for the adventurous French), reasonably priced (3 to 5 euro per glass). The owner, who speaks very good English having lived in Montreal and Australia, is very friendly and helpful and is happy to share his enthusiasm and passion for wine.

The nice old walls left intact, and the wooden furniture help create a very cozy atmosphere.

We had some nice Cahors with a cheese platter (they serve charcuterie platters and tartines, tapas style too). Cahors is the original Malbec wine and full-bodied yet very easy drinking. The cheese platter was  big enough to share for me and my wife (i.e., I probably ate 2/3 if not more of it (sorry)) and included some curé nantais, Brillat Savarin, camembert, comté, Selle sur cher, and Ewe’s milk from the Pyrenees.

But the best bit was the dessert wine we had, which was a Maydie — a port-type wine from Madiran, very fruity and slightly sugary and oh so well-balanced.

We left happy and content!

And here is the address:

Le Jéroboam – 21, rue Léon Blum – 44000 Nantes – Tél. 02 72 02 30 47