Ho my ho my, I tried this seriously strong Bethmale on Saturday, and my mouth is still on fire. Okay Bethmale is not meant to be the mildest cheese, but I can’t remember it being that strong!!!

This one literally sent my taste buds wild and must have killed off all the other germs in my stomach. Talk about a disinfection cure. Loved it. But with moderation, and a lot of red wine, to awaken those taste buds.

For those who are not familiar with this cheese, it is a hard cows milk cheese from the Pyrenees (yes they don’t just have sheep’s there). It has a royal blessing too, as Louis the VI in the 12th century is said to have liked it.

It is actually very impressive how many kings and queens have favoured one cheese or another, and it is actually even more impressive to think that historians took the time to write this down somewhere. This is France indeed, the land where cheese goes into history.

I should maybe try to find out, for another blog, which cheese was liked by which famous person. If I was a psychiatrist I could draw some great conclusions from your cheese preferences.