Ah it’s always interesting living in a block of flats, you get to know people you wouldn’t otherwise. This week  two opposite things happened. I talked to my neighbours on the second floor, they have a kid the same age as my boy and it’s their first one too, so automatically it creates a bond. As it was probably the 100th time we small talked I thought I would invite them over for sunday tea next sunday. Nice, it is always good to know your neighbours. So that was a plus for neighbourly karma.

So to balance it off karma decided that my neighbours from upstairs, this old couple whom I talked to a couple of times and seemed nice so far, would throw water at us. I was having a cigarette after the boy went to bed and we watched an episode of the Sopranos (I only have a couple of cigarettes a day usually and always after the boy is asleep, not that anyone here cares if  you smoke in front of your children). Suddenly I heard the old lady upstairs going ” Aaaarrggghhh ca pu le Joint!!!!” (It smells of weed) So I went ” Non c’est une cigarette madame”, but she just threw some water out her window so that it landed on the window ledge where I was smoking. After having watched the Sopranos I can’t help thinking that this would have been something Tony Soprano’s mom would have done. Nantes and New Jersey are not so different after all.