I went to my brother’s organic farm in the northern suburbs of Nantes on Saturday. On Saturdays they put a small stand next to the farm and sell some of their produce. They specialise in organic products in lesser known veg varieties. One of the veg I really enjoyed was the Tomato Green Grappe. It’s a small green/yellow tomato, and tastes very fruity and sweet. Lovely lovely lovely!!! And such a change from tasteless supermarket tomatoes. I strongly suggest not to be put off by the color, my wife nearly was, and if she had been she would have missed a great salad!!!

I love the names of some other tomatoes such as the green zebra!!! “Darling I brought home some green zebra for dinner”

“Where  did you find that? after ten pints at the pub?”

Or the Brandywine yellow, probably a great one for Lord of the Rings fans (brandywine being the river of the shire if I am not mistaken).

And on a slight food mile note: local farmers work damn hard (honestly they do) to give you great products and deserve your support.