Today, like most  Sundays, I took my boy in his buggy after breakfast to the market. Our local market is the Marché de Talensac, which is the biggest indoor market in Nantes.  It’s open every morning apart from Mondays. You can find everything food-related, from fish, cheese, wine, meat, charcuterie, traiteur, fruit and veg, chocolate, bread, patisserie etc… Truly it’s the gourmet paradise of Nantes, everything looks great and appealing and makes my mouth water with expectations. The products are mostly local, at least according to the merchants there.

I like to go around 8 in the morning when the place is not yet bustling with customers, apart from some old locals and some young people who are probably coming back from a long night out. There’s just the merchants, installing their wares, drinking a coffee, and they usually have a bit of time to chat. Whereas later in the day it is bustle, crowd and shouting, and typical great atmosphere, but by then it’s a bad place to go with a buggy (especially as the inner market has some small steps).

I usually don’t buy a lot in the inner covered market as it usually is a bit expensive, but as a treat it does the trick nicely. However on the outside at least at the moment there are at least 3 or 4 sellers of local farmhouse goat cheeses. I wonder if they will still be here in the winter as goat cheese won’t be seasonal anymore. I tried probably 5-6 different cheeses (ash covered with herbs, a bit more matured, and a bit less…. Roughly priced between 3-5 Euros)  so far and have not been disappointed.

I always love fresh goat cheese, it just reminds me of spring, flowers, and the sun. Lovely in any salad (grilled or cold), or cooked with mushrooms and pancetta as a starter, it’s simply wonderful and easy. And if I look for some wine to go with it, it’s Sunday after all, a day on which we should have wine, cheese, and bread : the holy trinity of food (is this blasphemy I wonder?) There is one seller of local muscadet and rose on the outskirts of the market too, which sells some wines which are definitely good value for money. And bread? Well this is France and if you can’t find a bakery you must be blind.

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