Nantes is the first town in which my wife is encountering tramways on a day to day basis, having so far only lived in towns with subways (Underground, or tube, depending on where she lived). And even though they are very practical, put public transport in the middle of the traffic instead of being hidden underground, and allow you to gaze outside of the window dreamily, my wife found them sneaky!!??

Those little Trams are very silent, and there is no real separation in the road to indicate that trams are living here. Already needing to adjust to cars driving on the wrong side of the road (Thanks to Napoleon apparently/obviously), my poor wife always got a little shock every time a tramway whizzed past her nose!

But everything is fine now, she has learned to look out for trams (same way you look out for cars really), and she even thinks that the front of the car looks like a nice tram-man smiling at you. It’s the smiling happy trams of Nantes!

I'm so happy, ooohhhh can't you see