There is one thing which is very hard to do in France, it’s to picnic in a park and the reason is:

Yes, it is not allowed to walk, let alone sit, on the grass!!! One has to think of grass in France as a precious intellectual thing which says : ” You may contemplate me, and ponder about the beauty of nature, or read a book while sitting on a bench. But Oh mon dieu, do not dare touch my precious self with your dirty feet or sit down on me with your arse, or it will destroy all the beauty and pureness of me”

However the English grass is usually saying: “Yeah come on mate, walk here, sit down and have a beer, take your shirt off and get red as a shrimp”. The English grass is a bit more working class, well not surprising as in England everybody wants to be working class, and in France everybody wants to be an intellectual. (Ok that’s very stereotypical but slightly true).

There is one park in Nantes however where you can sit down and have a picnic, it’s the Parc de Proce, and the reason you can sit on the grass is because it is what they call here “un parc à l’anglaise”

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