Last weekend we were eating in a little restaurant which specialises in mussels and grilled food. I ordered a steak (I felt tired and red meat wakes up my animal side) and my wife ordered mussels mariniere, and to her dismay the waitress didn’t bring her a fork and knife, but only one spoon!

Where is my fork?

Well to me that seems absolutely fine, I eat mussels with my hands, as I think most French people do. I either use one empty mussel shell as a tong to fish out the mussel in other shells, or I just slurp the mussel out. I am very loose with the mussel eating etiquette, as is advisable with any seafood. You should realise you will get your hands dirty, and you might just as well enjoy it as part of the meal. Getting dirty while eating is very natural and makes you feel young and in tune with your primal instincts. This is where I get reminded of my baby and his eating habits: the more food he gets on his face and hands the happier he seems, what a wise boy!!!

Well my poor wife got forced into eating like our baby, and she actually enjoyed it.

So people to rediscover your primal instincts come to France and eat mussels, and if you want to be really dirty order mussels sauce roquefort (the king of blue cheeses).

Oh and by the way the mussels were really good, as they should be so close to the sea!!!