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I just went to the Vendée, a département south of Nantes, (in)famous for having probably been the stage for the first modern guerilla warfare, back in the days of the French Revolution (1793-1796). I never thought of it as a big cheese producing region but was pleasantly surprised to discover that they have some production of goat cheeses.

The one I would like to talk about here is “Le petit Langonnais” made in Langon by Thierry ROUSSEAU.

Goats, goats, goats, I like your smell

It’s a farmhouse ash-covered “demi-sec” goat cheese made from unpasteurized goats milk. The farmer who owns the goats makes his own cheese, and that’s something which usually gives you a cheese with a unique distinctive  flavour that shames any industrial cheese.

I tried this cheese in July which is usually a good time for goat cheese (anything from June to September is usually best for goats). The texture was slightly crumbly. It had good goats flavours, slightly acidic with fresh lemon-grass flavours. The cheese is not too strong nor is it too mild, and is just right for a nice summer evening, with a fresh salad, some nice bread and a bit of white wine. All in all a great goat cheese, which has nothing to envy the better known Loire valley goat cheeses (but is better priced). Can’t wait to go there again and try some other cheeses from them.

I wan't it all. NOW

A bit of a pacman look.