If anyone wants to bring some Jules Verne book to life on the big screen, look no further — here are your comedians:

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So just been here in Nantes a month now, and have visited (revisited) a couple of places. There is a nice castle, cathedral, old medieval town, lovely markets, great places to eat pancakes and mussels (not together usually, but hey I am sure I can find a galette aux moules if I try). Well anyway all the things they have here seem very classic but they have one thing which is a bit special, it’s the Island of Machines!!! (Les machines de l’ile in some other language)

Just went there with my family the other day and I thought it was special. They are building these wonderful animal machines (the machimal?!) the overwhelming theme at the moment seems to be maritime (but it is supposed to change every now and then). So you have different weird fish which you can ride, some octopus and a giant shrimp-like object. Some look funny, some look dark. All made with wood and metal and pistons — they all look wonderfully steampunky!!!

And they also have an elephant which you can ride!!! Now if I was a five-year old kid I think I would love that! Well I am no five-year old kid and my own boy is still too young, but as soon as he is a bit older I will use him as my excuse to ride on the giant elephant.